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  • file filter limitation

    Ooops, never mind. I found the answer. Remove the "+" from the second item.

    File Filters

    You can specify the type of files you want to include in (or exclude from) the session. For instance, if you are comparing Delphi projects you could include file types such as *.pas, *.dfm, and *.dpr. Or, you could include all files except *.dcu and *.~* by excluding these file types.

    To specify a simple "include these types" filter, use the Filters field on the toolbar. Enter the file types separated by semicolons, or use the dropdown to select from presets. Include a minus sign (-) in front of files to be excluded.

    The examples given work, but suppose I don't need wild cards,
    and want to name the files explicitly. For example:

    The file abc.cpp is displayed, but not abc.h.

    Why would I want such a filter?

    The file "abc.h" appears in multiple subdirectories, and I want to find these files but not header files in general (*.h)

    This is an attempt to provide a partial solution for item (4) in this post:

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    Just to clarify, Dick was able to perform the filter he was looking for by using
    If entered from the Session Settings dialog, each item would be on a line:

    For more syntax information, click the '?' button next to the Close 'X' button on the Filter tab. This will take you directly to the Filters chapter in our Help file, with links to other information such as File Name Masks.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for coming back and posting the solution, Dick.
      Aaron P Scooter Software