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Comparing a large amount of files

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  • Comparing a large amount of files

    Are there any caveats to comparing a large amount of folders/files using BC3? Has it been done?

    I have a client that is doing a data migration from a NAS to a SAN and I was wondering if BC would be a good way to confirm the data had been properly copied.
    They have about 5 terabytes worth of data made up of many folders of proprietary images.
    Each folder is the day the images were taken.

    Some Samples from over 1400 folders in the root folder:
    20050630 - 2,893 files / 373 MB / 169 folders
    20060818 - 14,850 files / 2.79 GB / 772 folders
    20070619 - 15,970 files / 4.08 GB / 973 folders
    20070626 - 19,080 files / 4.98 GB / 1,074 folders
    20071130 - 17,677 files / 4.38 GB / 935 folders
    20100303 - 18197 files / 5.99 GB / 1,547 folders

    The actual copy process is out of my hands and I have heard RichCopy was being used.

    Now, I would probably say a binary comparison would be out of the question because of the length of time it would take to do such of an operation.
    I was thinking a standard date/time & size comparison would do.

    Thank you,


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    The total number of files being compared is important as well. Here is our KB article on currently tested limits:

    If your total compare is over the limit, I would suggest loaded subfolders as the base folders, instead of trying to do the whole task at once. Or you can use file filters to control which files are shown.
    You can also test this specific compare with our trial mode (the only limit we have is our time limit).

    Does this help answer your question? Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I do believe that answers my question. Thank you, Aaron.
      Considering there are over 1400 folders just in the root I think using the folder filters will help.

      I will come back and post my experience in the hopes it helps someone else.