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    I have a movie folder that is full of MPG and JPG files. It's set up kind of like this:


    Each movie has a JPG with the same file name, which is picked up by my media player.

    Here is my question: I was trying to get BC3 to show me if I have a matching JPG for each MPG, but it appears the only way to do it is setting two alignment overrides. (JPG=MPG and MPG=JPG) Is there any way to filter out MPG on one side and JPG on the other?

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    Okay, scratch that. Setting up alignment overrides to work both ways does not really work. The folder structure looks a bit like this:


    If all the movies were in one folder, I could simply move all the jpg's to a new folder and compare the two folders using the alignment override. My thought was to set the override mpg(left)=jpg(right) and then set a filter as -*.jpg(left); -*.mpg(right). Filters are not set per side though.

    Setting a double alignment override and comparing the folder to itself almost works. It brings up all the "=" items just fine. The missing ones or mismatch named ones usually do not show, regardless of "Full Refresh".

    There does not seem to be a way to do this compare with BC3.


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      If it's just a comparison, and you don't need to interact with the files too much, you can do this with snapshots. Set the file filters to *.jpg then use Tools->Save Snapshot to save a snapshot of the directory, with "Include excluded by file filters" unchecked. Then change the filters to *.mpg, save a second snapshot, then compare then two snapshots and use a single *.jpg=*.mpg alignment override.
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