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Sync completed, files not found

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  • Sync completed, files not found

    I completed a sync from my computer to my external hardrive. Said it was complete and transfered 101 files. However they are not on my external harddrive and no longer on my computer either. Is there a way to recover all these files? Please HELP!

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    You should be able to reload your last used session from the BC3 home screen. Verify you synched to the location you thought you were copying to. Both of our Sync methods (Update and Mirror) won't delete both locations; they will copy differences from one side to the other.

    What steps did you take to attempt the sync? Did you use our Folder Sync session type?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes I did use the folder sync option. The left side had my C drive pictures and the right side said J drive pictures (my external hard drive). It had "update both" listed. It shows 101 files synched but they are not anywhere on either drive. Thanks for any help.