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  • "Refreshing..."

    I routinely work on file systems with hundreds of thousands or millions of files, and often use BC3 to sync the two structures, which requires copying thousands and thousands of files from one side to the other. Whenever I initiate a copy like that, the little progress/job at the bottom starts a "Refreshing..." cycle for a while (depending on how many files I select - could be 15 seconds, could be 30 minutes). It does this even if I've already loaded all the file information, and BC aware of all the names, sizes, dates, etc.

    What is this 'Refreshing' doing, and is there any way to speed it up or prevent it from occurring when I do my copies? Knowing my system, I know that there have not been any updates to files that I am comparing, so it seems a bit extraneous and just takes up time.



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    Update to 3.1.10. The Refreshing... stage has had a hard limit of 30 seconds for quite a while now. As for what it's doing, it's checking for external modifications by other programs. You may know that nothing else has modified your files, but BC doesn't. The "Folder Sync" session doesn't have a refreshing stage like the "Folder Compare" session does, so you can use that instead.
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      Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.