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comparing a windows share from linux

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  • comparing a windows share from linux

    I've used BC for years on windows -fantastic tool ! I use it extensively to sync machines via window shares - often admin shares.

    I'm using Linux more these days and I'm looking for a directory comparison between local Linux file system and a windows share. How can you do this BC ? I tried the standard Nautilus ways of viewing a windows share - smb://user@machine/directory but that doesn't appear to work. I see you have ftp profiles but then I would need to run ftp server on various window boxes. Isn't there a way to compare a windows share with a local Linux file system without installing software on windows ?

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    So you are using BC3 on Linux, and wish to access some Windows shares? You will need to mount those shares to a local folder path in Linux, at which point Beyond Compare can then view them.

    There's this forum post:

    With some workarounds here:

    Does this help?
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