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Set name criteria per side of the comparison?

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  • Set name criteria per side of the comparison?

    I regularly use v2 for the 'ignore extension' option, but had a question on this feature in v3. Can I set name search criteria per side? What I am trying to do is compare the following:

    In Folder1 I have:

    I want to compare the timestamps of file1.jpg to file1.png even though they are in the same folder. If file1.jpg was in folder1 and file2.png was in folder 2 it wouldn't be a problem, but with them both in the same folder, the name filter (Include files) seems to apply globally to both sides.

    While I realize I could separate the files into 2 folders, (one for each extension) there are around 800,000 files so it would take the better part of a day to do that. Was hoping in v3 (Pro) would allow you to add a modifier to the left and right folder to only include files of a specific type (per side).

    Basically I'd want to do a folder compare with the left being c:\test\*.jpg and the right being c:\test\*.png with the 'ignore extension' option set.


    BTW, I realize this falls way outside the line of replication, however I have found that 'ignore extension' is an extremely powerful tool and I regularly use it instead of writing programs to do detailed comparisons of folders where the file extensions are different, but the names are the same and I need to take action on orphans or outdated files. It saves a TON of time.

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    Well...BC3 doesn't let you set a different filter on each side...
    but that doesn't mean you can't trick the system...

    Set the left side of the folder compare to C:\
    Set the right side of the folder compare to C:\test\
    Set your filter to .\test\*.jpg; .\*.png

    The filter says:
    display .jpg files on the side where the pictures are in a subfolder named test
    display .png files on the side where the pictures are in the root
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      If you create the Alignment Override *.png <> *.jpg, and load the same folder on both sides of the comparison, it will align the png on the left with the jpg on the right of the same name. This is an odd workflow (opening the same folder on both sides) so I do not believe this is intentionally designed, but I just tested and it seems to work.

      Alignment Overrides are a BC3Pro feature, available in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab of a Folder Compare session.
      Aaron P Scooter Software