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New functionality suggestion: Treat same size as equal

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  • New functionality suggestion: Treat same size as equal

    It would be cool to have the quick tests functionality allow for "quick positive match" as well as the current "quick negative match". In particular it would be very handy to have the possibility of, for speed sake, just treat files with the same size as equal.

    Sometimes, I just want to quickly check for changed source files across two different checkouts (i.e. they end up with different timestamps) and it is a real pain having to use the slower checks on tons of files (sometimes across the network).

    I understand that when using this mode you may end up with false positives, but a dialog could warn the user of that and he would weight the risk vs the benefit.

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    Hello Miguel,

    Are your source files in two different checkouts in a common pair of folders? Instead of using the Quick Tests dialog, you could load your two different checkouts into a Beyond Compare 3 Folder Compare session, and set the Session menu -> Session Settings -> Comparison tab to compare only timestamp and size (the default). This would align and run the comparison on all of your files at once, which would not take much time, since it is only a size and timestamp comparison.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That did it, thanks! Somehow I was under the impression that the quick tests only operated on negative terms - if you failed the ticked option files were different, if not it would go through the next one and after you run out of options to check it would consider their equality... er... unknown, rather than equal. A bit silly come to think of it.

      Many thanks.