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  • Modify file in SyncMode

    I do really not understand, why u removed the ability to delete / rename / ... files in syncmode !!?

    when i see some file i dnt need in onlyne syncmode i hav to start a new and different type of session for this ?

    why cannot i simply delete it.

    I wanna say that by such strange alteraions BC3 ist completely making simple tasks that huge amount of work, that i didnt buy it, but deinstalled it and usind BC2 again, which was perfectly well in Interface-Design ( respectively User.Interface-fuctions-Design.

    I also cannot understand why u made 2 different types of comparisson tasks out of one !? :
    compare mode and sync mode !? why ?

    i want a way to compare then sync in one window rsp with only one comparison-scan ( and not 2 like i have now when i COMPARED 2 folders, than adjusted the source-side ( deleted 1 or 2 files ) and then have TO SCAN EVERYTHING AGAIN cuz i hav to open it now AGAIN but this time as sync-mode , which will make everything to get scanned AGAIN ... :S
    whicht totally sucks if u hav to sync several GIGS online vs locally.

    Guys, I totally don't understand u.
    Why did u do this.

    There is still a lil hope in me, that i simply understood something wrong or simply didnt find a needed function/ Button or something, thou i don't think so.

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    The Folder Sync session is designed as a one click solution. You set up a saved session and then click the Sync button each time you need to sync. You can right-click and Exclude a file from the sync (and then come back and delete it later) if there are only one or two exceptions.

    If you need to look over and compare your files, manually deleting some files here or there, then you can use our Folder Compare session. The Folder Compare still has a Sync tool as well, so after you have deleted your files and setup your folders, you can use the Actions menu -> Synchronize -> Sync Update Left to Right (or another type) to perform a pre-set Sync action. Or you can use a combination of Display Filters and the Copy command to copy specific files over.

    How do these solutions work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software