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Duplicates and orphans in flattened view

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  • Duplicates and orphans in flattened view

    is there a possibility to generate a report of duplicates and 'duplicate orphans' in the flattened view?
    Curious? The need comes out of a big project and some of the guys copied files into another tree. Now I need to find all the copies of the files with or without different time / date (i.e. older versions of the sources).
    commonfolder/a.c was copied several times to project_a/a.c
    and so on.

    I'm looking for a possibility to generate a report like
    commonfolder projects
    a.c a.c in folder project_a
    a.c a.c in folder project_b

    Currently, there is a problem to do this: The report 'without orphans' give one pair of files only, other 'duplicates' are suppressed as orphans. But displaying all the files will give thousands of orphans.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Beyond Compare does not currently support duplicate searching. We do not have a method of easily generating the report you desire.

    One workaround I can think of is if there are not too many orphans, you could set the Display Filter to show Only Orphans, then toggle On or off Supress Filters to see if there is a matching pair nearby. Select all of the files and use the Copy FileName command in the right click menu to manually build a report. Then toggle off Suppress Filters, find the next Orphan, and repeat the process.

    I would also suggest searching for a dedicated tool, such as a "Duplicate Finder" or "duplicate file finder"
    Aaron P Scooter Software