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compare folders automatically ignoring timestamps

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  • compare folders automatically ignoring timestamps

    the way I compare,
    with Windows Explorer open,
    Right click on one folder,
    then select Left Folder for compare,
    Right click on a different folder,
    then select Compare to ..

    Beyond Compare opens showing differences based on timestamps. It would be nice if it did a rules based or binary compare automatically. I have tried many Tools > Options ..., however I cannot find one where it will do the compare when the main screen appears. Is there a way?


    PS I tried to search this forum as I am sure someone already asked, but I always got zero results.

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    In BC3, this option is controlled by the Session Settings. Session Settings are session specific, like a bookmark. So if you set up a specific session, to specific folders, you can then also set it to compare them a certain way. Reloading the session then reloads which settings, filters, and folders were set.

    Of course, you can configure a new default as well. To do so, go to the Home screen (the first screen you see with the new Session buttons, Auto-saved session list, etc). At the top of the saved sessions list, there is an expandable folder called "Edit session defaults." Expand this folder and select the Folder Compare default. On the right side, go to the Comparison tab, and set the comparison the way you would like. I would recommend leaving all of the defaults enabled (Timestamp, Size, and Override QuickTests), and also enable Content Comparison: Binary or Rules-based. The Override QuickTests option will make this behave the way you expect.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      exactly what I needed.