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  • Compare with replacement

    My right and left have foldernames containing a common regexpable ID string but additionally variable, unimportant text. Can Folder Compare handle this?

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    Not currently, no.

    The Folder Compare folder and file names must normally match exactly in order to align.

    BC3 Pro offers the Alignment Overrides feature. This feature allows you to define similar text as a file mask, but the different text must be defined explicitly.

    For example: it is useful to align:
    MyPic1extra.jpg = MyPic1.png
    *extra.jpg = *.png
    (.*)\d(.*)\.jpg = $1\.jpg

    Where all pics on the left side are MyPicXextra.jpg. But the right side can only use reference regular expressions ($1), and cannot use masking characters, so all of the differences there must be explicitly defined.

    If you have a few example files you would like aligned, we may be able to help with a specific regular expression for them.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      > Not currently, no.

      OK, thanks.

      > BC3 Pro offers the Alignment Overrides feature.

      Sure, but not for fodler names ISTM.

      > (.*)\d(.*)\.jpg = $1\.jpg

      That's exactly the kind of thing I need for folders.

      Could this please bn added to the wish list? Thanks Aaron.


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        Alignment Overrides also work on folders. The folders need to be at the same level of subfolder in order to align.
        Aaron P Scooter Software