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Exclude folders generically ... Can't do anymore

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  • Exclude folders generically ... Can't do anymore


    BC3 is my favorite program, bar none. However I am frequently stymied by the following change you made. For folders there is no longer an "Exclude ..." option only "Exclude" and the effect of that is to exclude all .svn folders for example, I have to go edit the excluded files list and replace /.svn with .svn
    Am I doing something wrong? Why would you not allow the optional exclusion of all folders the way you do for files?


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    Hello Peter,

    If you select multiple files/folders of the same type, we should present a dialog that will then give the Exclude... options. We recently found a bug with this behavior if you are also in a Flatten Folders view and are selecting items in subfolders. If you switch to a Folder View (such as Always Show Folders), and select a couple of similar items, how does that work for you?

    If it still isn't working as you expect, could you post a screenshot showing your selection? Or, feel free to email us privately at [email protected]
    Please include a link back to this forum post in the email.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I just talked with one of the developers, and we have actually never supported a Exclude... dialog for folders, only for files.

      I will add support for folders on our Customer Wishlist. If you would like to test out the Exclude... dialog, for now you will need to select a couple of files.
      Aaron P Scooter Software