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  • Same Drive, Different Place

    I have a couple of USB drives that I plug in and unplug at random. If I haven't rebooted Windows XP recently, they tend to take new drive letters when I replug them. I want to have the option of copying my data folder to any of them. So I have come up with this hopeless kludge solution:

    ... well, OK, I guess I can't insert an image here. I've saved it as an attachment; hopefully you can see it there. Anyway, question is, is there a better way?

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    We do not currently support a Sync session that targets multiple directories. I'll add this request to our Customer Wishlist.

    You can save multiple 2 way comparisons (as it looks like you have setup) as multiple saved sessions in a folder on the Home screen. If you right click that folder, you can launch them all at once. You can also save your current open Windows and Tabs as a Workspace, and Load the Workspace to launch all of your sessions at once.

    With either of these two methods, you should be able to easily open all of your sessions with one action. You would then just need to perform the sync in each session.

    There are methods to script this as an automated task, but you would not get to use the graphical interface in that case.
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