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  • Size Limitation

    I want to compare 2 folders and transfer only files that are under 4gb in size. What is the commands to set this using a script.

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    I always recommend setting up this type of comparison first in the graphical interface, and once that is working as expected work on the script.

    To set this up graphically, load a Folder Compare session.
    Use the Session menu -> Session Settings, Other Filters tab.
    Enable a Size filter that excludes files smaller than 4gb

    This should display only files that are larger than 4gb. Expand all your folders, select all your files, and perform the transfer.

    To perform this with script, your script would look something like:
    filter size:<4GB
    load c:\folder1 c:\folder2
    select all
    copy left->right

    But how did you want to handle copying files if they already exist on both sides? Did you want to only copy the files if they are newer and larger than 4gb?
    Aaron P Scooter Software