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  • Simple folder comparison


    I'm totally new to BC scripting and trying to figure out how to get the result of a folder comparison. I'm not looking for any kind of report, just whether the two folders were different or not. Are you able to help?


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    Hmmm, I haven't done scripting in a while. There isn't any real conditional operator that I see in a quick review of the help files. I suspect that you need to do the conditional tests in a batch file (myscriptwrapper.bat for instance) where you would use the CMD language "if errorlevel" where your compare results were returned as the usual error status like most programs do.

    That said, some of the things that you might want conditionals for can be handled with the select command. Look also at the sync command and the snapshot command.



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      It isn't possible to get just a match or mismatch result from two folders using BC3 scripting. The only output that you can get is a report. Reports don't include an overall match or mismatch indicator so you'll still need to look at the report to see if any differences are listed.
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        There's a smll discussion of error levels in the script forum next door; this may be covered further in the help files.