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Feature Request: "Mirrored Folder Compare"

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  • Feature Request: "Mirrored Folder Compare"

    Backup Folders:

    I have multiple machines that I keep backed up, including Linux, MacOS, Win.
    All install CD's are also backed up (hate looking for those).

    To save space on my laptops, I often delete stuff that I know is backed up.

    So who's backing up the backup? Lose that backup drive, and potentially
    some deleted files from laptops are lost.

    Answer: 4-TB of NAS storage, which I keep synchronized with BC3.

    Multiple machines produces lots of duplicate files and software,
    so I try to keep that stuff organized in my backup drive by merging
    duplicate software, pictures, music, etc.

    Complications creep in ... if I merge a couple of huge directories on
    the backup drive, some folders disappear .... others get organized in
    a different high level structure (Win, Linux, MacOS, Music, Install, etc)

    So how do I prevent lots of duplicate effort and keep the two mirrors in sync?

    Couple of ways of looking at a solution:

    1. Journalled activity.
    Perform the merge/rearrangement on one disk and create a journal
    of the actions performed.
    Replay that journal on the mirrored drive.

    2. Mirrored BC3 sessions.
    Again, perform the logical rearrangement on one drive,
    and mimic the same activities on a second BC3 session
    on the second drive.

    3. Write a script that performs the logical functions, and send
    the commands through a BC3 interface to both sessions simultaneously.

    4. Ignore BC3 as the driving interface, write some scripts that
    logically do what I need:
    * Detect the duplication
    * Create an organizational structure
    * run the script on both drives
    * use BC3 to verify the drives are in sync.

    Any thoughts? It's become a big problem.

    Moving terabytes of data across a Gb network to synchronize isn't a great plan.

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    Hi Dick,

    There isn't an efficient way to do this with BC3. The brute force method would be to reorganize backup #1, then mirror the contents of backup #1 to backup #2 using BC. Since BC3 doesn't detect moves or renames, this wouldn't be as efficient as something that detects moves/renames, but I'm not aware of a sync tool that does that.

    Good luck in your search.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      What would be convenient ... what I can't do for myself ... is if I could turn on an "action" log for every action I took in BC3. You're executing the commands ... I just want you to log what you did, and I can take it from there.

      The problem with organizing one side, and then mirroring to the other ... is the enormous
      amount of network traffic required to do that.

      When I move a folder from one directory to another ... doesn't matter if it is a local folder or a network folder (even ftp), the action is extremely efficient in BC3; it amounts to a rename, not brute force copying from one place to another.

      One thing I've noticed ... BC3 has become so intuitive, I hardly every read the documentation, which is excellent. I keep promising myself I'll "get a round tuit" ... probably what I have to do now.

      Perhaps I can just use services like SysInternals "Process Monitor", to log the physical commands being issued, and construct my own log.

      Let's keep thinking about this ....


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        Hi Dick,

        You can turn on detailed logging in BC3 that will log every file operation. Select "Tools > Options". Go to the "Folder Views > Log" section. Check "Operation details", then click OK.

        This will list the name of every file included in a file operation in the green log pane at the bottom of the Folder Compare window.
        Chris K Scooter Software