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Close current folder shortcut?

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  • Close current folder shortcut?

    Actually, un-expand current folder is what I want.

    If I'm browsing a folder tree, and expand a folder that has a lot of files (several screenfuls, for instance), and I'm down near the bottom of that sublist of files, I'd like a quick way of moving back up the tree.

    Right now, the quickest way is usually to go to the top of the folder view, and then double click the expanded folder, and continue browsing from there. But I'd like to just press a key, or use the right click menu, on one of the files and have the focus move to the parent folder and to unexpand that folder. Is there an existing feature for this? If not, may I suggest adding that to the wishlist?



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    As long as your keyboard focus is on one of the folder's items, you can press Ctrl+leftarrow to position back on the folder, and then Enter to unexpand it.
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      Great! That works a treat -- now to figure out how to burn it into my muscle memory.

      Thanks again!