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Feature request: Changeable snapshots

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  • AlexeyS
    Is the "updatable snapshot" still under implementation?

    The feature is very welcomed. At the moment I see no way for fast updating of CRC-containing snapshots for large file sets …

    -- Alexey S

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  • Aaron
    Thanks, Knut.

    I've added this to our Customer Wishlist.

    As a workaround, you could try to load up multiple snapshots sequentially, and filter out any matches each time they are found.

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  • knut
    started a topic Feature request: Changeable snapshots

    Feature request: Changeable snapshots


    how would it be to have "changeable snapshots"? When I compare a folder with a snapshot, it is not possible to copy from folder to snapshot.
    Normally, this is a correct behaviour. A snapshot is a snapshot :-) And if I need it, I can create a new snapshot.

    But I would like, to use it for a kind of incremental backup.
    A scenario, where I would like to use this "changeable snapshots":

    I have a backup of my hard disk on different CD-Roms. Now I want to check, what's without backup. My steps to do:
    Take the first backup CD-Rom and make a snapshot. Take the 2nd backup CD-Rom and add the content to the snapshot (sure, not the real content, only the snapshot information). Continue with all backup CD-Roms.
    In the end, I have a snapshot with a mix of all Backup CD-Roms.
    This snapshot can be used to compare it with my hard disc. All differences between the hard disk and the snapshot are new or changed files and require a new backup (via "Copy to folder" and option "Keep relative folder structure")

    As you can see in my example: In times of cheap external hard disc it is not really an important feature.