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Beyond C. can't see the Libraries folder in Win7

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  • Beyond C. can't see the Libraries folder in Win7

    I burned a Data DVD of the files in the Libraries folder (documents, music, video), and when I wanted to do a folder compare, BC 3111 (build 12204) didn't recognize the folder. When I click on the Libraries folder or any of the folder it contains the OK button fades out. Any solutions to this?

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    I'm wondering if the "Libraries" are real folders ... my limited examination of them suggest that they are a dynamically created collection of folders; sort of a "virtual folder". (The one you're referring to seems to be the default one, but it looks like it may be possible to have them elsewhere, based on the right-click thingies I've seen in Windows Explorer).

    It may be that part of being a "virtual folder" means that some property that BC3 expects isn't the way that BC3 expects it. But I'm just shooting from the hip to fill time until the experts can comment.



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      "Libraries" are special virtual folders. The current version of BC3 can't load the libraries folders. Instead you'll have to load the real location of the folders on disk, such as "c:\Users\username\Pictures" to access the files.

      Here's a link from MSDN that describes more about what libraries are:

      I'll add support for Windows 7 libraries folders to our wish list for a future version.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        But -

        Even more frustrating -
        Be careful of all folders that have redirected target locations like My Pictures, My Documents, My Music, etc.
        Beyond Compare sees the location, not the name of the folder and will duplicate or delete on a folder sync.

        Example, if you navigate to c:\users\{uname}\my pictures you se "My Pictures", but on the properties tab the location is c:\users\{uname}\pictures.

        Beyond Compare sees the actual link to c:\users\{uname}\pictures. Same for My Music, etc.

        I found this when comparing out WinXP folders to Win7 - only to find that there is not a folder named My Documents so folder compare tries to create one. Then again when syncing music files to my NAS. "My Music" doesn't compare to "Music".

        So Careful


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          Windows Vista and Windows 7 changed the name of these folders. You'll need to set the XP "My Pictures" as a base folder on one side and the Windows 7 "Pictures" as base folder on the other side to make a sync work.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Thank you Chris: going to the User folder I was able to compare folders there with documents, music, video. Appreciate the help. Also thanks to all who contributed to the thread