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  • Music Library nightmare

    So I was attempting to use Media Monkey to auto-organize my music collection however i zigged when i should have zagged as it ended creating a folder for every artist. I was lucky enough to have a backup of most of the library on an external drive. What is the best method for me compare the two main music folders (screwed up & backup)? so that essentially i can delete dupes from the screwed up folder copy everything from the backup into the old folder and should only have to worry about files that i added to the library after the last backup was made? Any info in this venture would be appreciated....

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    Load the base folders and then use the View->Ignore Folder Structure. BC will align the files without worrying about the folder structure. That will only work if the filenames haven't changed though.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      That sir is part of the problem, is that it changed the filenames in most cases. I was hoping that it would be able to compare almost at the file level and confirm that it's the same file.... So i'm i just totally SOL?


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        In terms of using BC, yeah, you're out of luck. There are lots of programs that are dedicated to finding duplicates though. Check Google for "find duplicate files" or "find duplicate MP3s". If MediaMonkey just copied the files then any dupe finder should work (compares byte-by-byte or using CRCs). If it updated ID3 tags while it was doing it you might need one of the more specialized MP3 ones.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Are the new file names completely different from the original ones, or is a case of adding a prefix?



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            You could create another backup of your backup. Then let the monkey do his work again on the copy.

            Now you can use BC to compare the screwed backup with your screwed collection. If you select "View -> Show Differences" or "View -> Show Orphans" you can easily spot the changed that where made since your backup.

            If you want to keep only the changes you select "View -> Show Same" and delete everything from your collection.

            Eventually you have to set BC to ignore difference in time. Depending on the changes that Media Monkey made.