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    What is the easiest way to compare files and folders based on names only-ignoring data stamps and the file content?
    I just want to know what files/subfolders exist in one folder which are absent in another based on names only.
    Sorry if it stupid and obvious question.

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    You can go to the BC3 Folder Compare session, go to the Session menu, Session Settings dialog, and the Comparison tab. Turn off any comparisons you do not want to make, or turn on any you do. A comparison of size and timestamp is pretty cheap/fast, so you do not need to disable that to perform this task.

    Simply use the Display Filter to show only Orphans (blue file names). Orphans are files that do not align to another file based on folder structure and file name. If a file is in a different sub folder on the other side but has the same name, this will still count as an Orphan.

    (You can "Ignore Folder Structure" to only compare file names, but this requires that every file name be unique with no duplicate file names for any files).

    The View menu -> Show only Orphans will filter out any aligned files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanx a lot Aaron for such detailed explanation.