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Snapshot comparison weirdness

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  • Snapshot comparison weirdness

    I've noticed what looks like a bug with comparisons of snapshots in BC3 (3.1.11), easily reproduced as follows:

    I created a snapshot (containing CRCs) of a set of folders, then loaded it by double-clicking the .bcss file in Windows Explorer. The comparison between the snapshot and the folders & files completed and everything matched, as expected. I then changed the base folders by selecting a matching pair, right-clicking and choosing "Set as Base Folders". Initially the results from the original comparison were still shown (i.e. everything still matched), but I then hit Ctrl-F5 for a full refresh and all of the files were shown as mismatched and all of the CRC values on the snapshot side were shown as "<invalid>". I expected the correct CRC values to appear and all the comparisons to still match.

    This used to work as expected in BC2. Please tell me this is a bug that you'll fix and not "broken as designed" in BC3!

    Thanks, Tim

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    I would agree that a full refresh should not alter the captured values in a snapshot.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Thanks. This does look like a bug, and I'll make a tracker entry for a developer to investigate.

      Thanks, again, for reporting it.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Hi Aaron,

        Thanks, it would be great to see this fixed!