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Filter Out Unimportant Changes from Folder Compare

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  • Filter Out Unimportant Changes from Folder Compare

    I am trying to compare changes between 2 folders of .dxf files. A number of grammer enteries were made to eliminate unimportant text such as CAD tool versions, dxf formating, etc. When the files are compared in the text compare, the unimportant text does not show, so that portion is working as intended. My problem is that I now want a folder compare that only shows the files that have important differences. I need to know how to eliminate the unimportant differences from the folder view.

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    When you check or uncheck grammar items in the Text Compare launched from the Folder Compare, select "Use for all files within parent session" or "Also update session defaults" before clicking OK. This will make BC use the importance settings for all rules based comparisons either in the Folder Compare session you have loaded or for all sessions.

    In the Folder Compare, select "Session > Session Settings". Go to the "Comparison" tab. Check "Compare contents" and select "Rules-based comparison" as the criteria. This will compare the text contents of the files using the same method as the Text Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks to everyone who looked at this.

      It seems that my system was having some type of issue with the Rules-based comparison setting. After consulting with a few in-house users, I retried the compare and got the listing I needed.