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Why doesn't BC3 see my camera's folders?

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  • Why doesn't BC3 see my camera's folders?

    I'm using BC3 under Windows 7. When I plug my Canon camera in via USB, it appears in Explorer with a path like "Computer\Canon PowerShot SD870 IS\Removable storage\DCIM\103CANON"

    When I copy that path and paste it into BC3 as a path, I get "Error Opening Folder".

    In Windows Explorer, the device "Canon PowerShot SD870" appears like a drive at the "Computer" level of the namespace tree.

    When I browse for folder in BC3, and expand the Computer level, I see all the other drives, but I do not see "Canon PowerShot SD870".

    What am I missing? How do I sync from the camera using BC3?

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    Unfortunately, BC3 does not currently support this path style. We require a drive letter (c:\), a remote share (\\computer\folder) or an FTP (ftp://computerIP/folder).

    We have a kb article detailing this here (for PocketPC's and PDAs):

    If you can map your Canon PowerShot to a drive letter, or remove the memory stick and use an external reader that uses a drive letter, then BC3 can read the location.
    Aaron P Scooter Software