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Aligning Files with Unimportant Details

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  • Aligning Files with Unimportant Details

    I'm using File Compare on two sets of files that were generated with details in the filename that are irrelevant to the comparison to the files. I'd like to align the files based on the important part of the filename and ignore the rest.

    "Power Info (3926).txt" on the left should align with "Power Info (7669).txt" on the right.

    The numbers are essentially random and not uniform on either side.

    I can make it work (for one file pair at a time) using an Alignment Override rule that looked like this...

    Left: (.*)\(3926\)(.*)
    Right: $1(7669)$2

    ... but since the numbers aren't the same on any other files, this doesn't help me much. I just need to know what (if anything) I can put in place of the specific numbers to get the matching to work.

    If I understand everything that I've seen about the Alignment Override functionality, this probably isn't possible, but I thought I'd throw the question out there anyway.

    Thanks, all.

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    Unfortunately, our Alignment Overrides work with the opposite logic: we can create a file mask that defines the equal part of the file name but the different text must be aligned literally.

    So if many files have had a specific rename done to them (filename1.txt to filename1post.txt), then we can create a rule to align all *.txt to all *post.txt.

    We do not currently support a mask to define a generic set of numbers and always match on them.
    Aaron P Scooter Software