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  • Remaining time in comparison job


    I did a cursory search for my issue and didn't get any hits....sorry if this is redundant.

    At the moment, I am performing a CRC32 compare between my workstation and a NAS array on the network. It has been running for almost two days (expected) and I can see the differences list slowly shrinking. What would really help are two things: time and files remaining in the compare job. Is there a way I can display the info....and if so, can I enable the feature while a job is running?

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    If you run the CRC compare explicitly with the Compare Contents command, we will show a progress bar and estimated time remaining. We do not show status for a background comparison, however.

    Unfortunately, there is not a way to enable this mid-compare. You would need to cancel the current comparison and run another. One suggestion I would make would be to cut your comparison into smaller sub-tasks. This way you can compare and deal with smaller sections of your data quicker, rather than waiting for all of your files to transfer and be compared over the network.
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