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12204 Folder Sync default operation

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  • 12204 Folder Sync default operation

    This is currently "Update Both". I think "Update right" would be much more useful to most users, especially since there is no command-line switch to set this.

    Also, I suggest such a command-line switch be added.

    PS I suggest consistent terminology in the script command (left->right, all) and GUI (Right, Both).

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    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the suggestion. You can change the default used in the Folder Sync session by going to the Home screen, expand the Edit session defaults folder, and select which one you want used for the default. Once set, all new Folder Sync sessions will use these settings.

    We use the older Script terminology in an effort to minimize script re-writes from BC2 to BC3; but we also updated terminology in BC3 GUI to help make the command clearer for new users. We are trying to keep script as compatible overall so we do not want to remove the "all" text. We'll consider adding both terminology to script, but having two commands for the same action could also be confusing. Script also is not set up to use a Folder Sync sessions yet; script commands only relate to Folder Compare sessions.
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