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How to cancel "align with" in folder compare

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  • How to cancel "align with" in folder compare

    I'm using the Windows version of BC3 Pro 3.1.11 (Build 12204).

    Is there a way to cancel "align with" in folder compare?

    I aligned two files thinking they were copies of each other under different names. When I was through examining them I wanted to cancel the alignment, but I can't figure out how. A full refresh doesn't do it. Aligning different items doesn't do it. Even setting a new base file doesn't seem to clear it and upon returning to the original base the alignment persists. The only way I've found is to restart BC (being sure to delete any saved sessions), or aligning one of the currently aligned files with a different file, which just compounds the problem.

    If there is no way to cancel the alignment I'd like to request it as a new feature.
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    I agree that a Cancel Alignment in the right-click context menu would be ideal. I hope Team Scooter implements it.

    In the mean time open Session -> Session Settings... -> Misc tab and Delete the alignment from there.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add this to the Customer Wishlist. This one is a little tricky to implement (what if the alignment override is *.jpg = *.png), but we'll look into it when we're looking at our future enhancements and features. Please note, our wishlist is not scheduled development, but a place our developers go to for ideas for features.

      And, as Michael noted, you can go to the Session Settings -> Misc tab to manually delete any alignments defined.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
        This one is a little tricky to implement (what if the alignment override is *.jpg = *.png)
        What I envisioned was to see the context menu option only if the alignment explicitly contains the full name of both files (as is the case when a user uses the Align With option on the context menu).
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761