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    Is there anyway to create a report of changes which details the line numbers (where relevant). I've found the report which lists whether a file/folder has changed but I need the next level e.g.:

    -File 1
    -Lines 3-40
    -Lines 90-91
    -File 2
    -Line 3
    -Folder 2
    -File 5
    -Line 9

    Not sure if this is possible or whether it's something I'll need to do manually.



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    From a Folder Compare, you can change the view to show Only Different Files, and Expand All (to show items in subfolders), then select the files you wish to view in greater detail (with a Select All Files command, for all different files).

    You can then go to the Actions menu -> File Comparison Report in BC3 to generate a report showing the actual text within each file. This report can then also be configured to show only different lines, line numbers, etc. It is the same report as if you opened up a single pair of files in the Text Compare, and then went to the Session menu -> Text Compare Report (assuming you are comparing Text files).

    How does this work for you? Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, it does, I was just hoping for something slightly more automated.

      The scenario is that one of our vendors has decided to request a full change log on a file basis everytime we make a change -which often spans multiple files/folders. Fodler compare highlights those that have changed but I was hoping it could also output a list of all changes too.


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        You can automate the report generation using a Beyond Compare script. See the "Using Beyond Compare > Automating With Scripts" topic in BC3's help file for details.
        Chris K Scooter Software