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How to find duplicated files in different folders.

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  • How to find duplicated files in different folders.

    I have used Beyond compare for many years. It is so wonderful that my company bold site license.

    My question is how to find ALL duplicated files in two root folders and their sub folders?
    For example, Root Folder A has following files and sub folders:
    Root Folder A
    --File 01
    --Sub Folder A1
    ----File 02

    And Root Folder B has following Items:
    Root Folder B
    --File 01
    --File 02
    --File 03

    My goal is find both File 01 and File 02 are duplicated. Then I'll delete File 02 from Root Folder B, and copy Sub Folder A1 to Root Folder B.

    This feature is very useful when I backup my documents to movable HD.

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    BC3 does have an option called Ignore Folder Structure under the Folder Compare's View menu. This would remove the folder structure from the comparison and align all files based only on the name. However, this would require that all files in all subfolders have unique names, otherwise BC3 does not know which pair to align (since it will perform the comparison after the alignment has occurred). How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software