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Folder sync: hotkeys for selecting action for file/pair

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  • Folder sync: hotkeys for selecting action for file/pair

    Hello, all!

    Now I can select action (delete left|right, move to left|right, leave alone) through rightclick. Is there hotkey to select action? Or left by left click on suitable column?

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    From the Delete dialog itself, with checkboxes to select Left, Right, or to Use the recycle bin if possible, the hotkeys are Alt+L, Alt+R and Alt+U to check or uncheck any of those boxes. The underlined letter indicates that Alt+letter is a keyboard shortcut.

    If you are still in the Folder Compare screen itself, you can use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, or Shift+Left or Shift+Right to select the Left, Right, or Both sides of the comparison. The current selection also impacts the options available once you enter the Delete (Move, etc) dialog.

    Does this help clear things up? Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software