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Just show/select 'empty' folders

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  • Just show/select 'empty' folders

    Is there a way in BC3 of selecting folders which show as empty in a view so that I can delete just the 'empty' folders?

    Note: the empty folders do contain files but I have set a filter which hides them. There are other folders in the view which do show files and I do not want to delete these.

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    There is not an easy way to automatically do this in the graphical interface.

    If all the folders you want to delete are hidden from view, you can enable Suppress Folder Filters, which should show your "hidden" folders as teal. At this point you could manually select and delete them. Before deleting, please double check that your filters are set as you expect and that you are deleting the correct items; BC3 will attempt to use the Recycle Bin where possible but if it is not then the delete action is not undo-able.

    We also have a select empty.folders scripting command, if this is an automated task you are looking to accomplish.

    How do these workarounds work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software