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Filename Filter Failed: a RegEx (Regular Expressions) problem?

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    Nobody from Team Scooter has acknowledged or addressed the other issue raised by BC2 on 10 March 2011 and confirmed by me on 11 March 2011. Would you put a tracker on it please.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      That Align With refreshes the display? That's actually a known issue. Sorry for not directly commenting on it, I followed the link to an old forum post that was resolved and missed that he was referencing a new/different issue.

      I'll add your comments to the entry.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
        Hello B2C,

        I'm testing out your zip example but it seems to align fine using the Alignment Override:
        * = *.zip
        and then creating the Folder on the Left does not cause the panes to scroll, it makes the folder and aligns it to the paired zip file.

        Are you using the latest release of BC3 (currently 3.2.4)?
        Could you post a screenshot showing your folder comparison displaying the error message? Which Alignment Override did you define?

        Sorry if it made things confusing that I posted all the issues in one thread.


        My question for help on Alignment Override was here:
        And this once I thought was solved here:
        Your "*=*.zip" can not cover the items that contains spaces. But it hinted me that regular expressions were not necessary. Now I simplified my Alignment Overrides this way:
        * *=**.zip
        * * *=***.zip
        * * * *=****.zip
        Thank you.

        The error message.
        I'm sure it's caused by this option:
        Archive handling (ex. zip files):
        * As folders once opened
        So it seems the message is unavoidable?

        Align a pair MANUALLY. You'll see the scroll. And the focus will go to the first line.