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Moving Non Filter Files Moves Filter Files Too...

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  • Moving Non Filter Files Moves Filter Files Too...

    Here is what I am trying to do..I want to move files and folders that are equal while leaving behind Orphans and Files that are Different. But I run into this problem....
    • Doing a comparison of two directories / folders and then using the "Show Same"
    • Then I selected all the files and folders in the left pane
    • Then I right click on the selected files and choose command "Move To"
    • I choose a new directory while leaving the "Include hidden files...." box UNCHECKED
    • Then I click the "Start" button

    Problem is.....all files and folders including orphans, different and equal are moved to the new destination, leaving me with the folder on the left empty.....

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    That should not be the case. Which version of BC3 are you currently using? Are you able to repeat the behavior using the latest version of BC3 (3.2 beta?):

    The Include hidden files checkbox will appear if you have other filters currently hiding files. What files are shown if you view the preview/Peek? Are there any Teal files shown in your Folder Compare, or is Suppress Filters enabled?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      HI Aaron,

      I was using the latest (but NOT the beta). I was able to duplicate the error with other folders, even after a restart of the PC.

      Yes the Include Hidden Files check box was showing on the confirmation screen and yes it showed hidden files in Teal when I clicked on the Show Button, BUT I did NOT have the little box checked off.


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        Sorry, I can't reproduce this with BC3.2!

        If I select all same files and folders (all subfolders opened) the dialogs copyTo/moveTo don't show the include hidden-checkbox and the action only affects the visible files and folders (the trigger seems to be the selection of all visible files).

        Deselecting any (one or more) file causes
        1. the include hidden-checkbox appear and
        2. (only) the hidden files of the last containing subfolder(s) appear as hidden objects
        (if "Only Compare Files" selected, all hidden files with "Always Show Folders").

        Greetings Lutz
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          We just released that latest official release, BC3.2.2. It is available from your Help menu -> Check for Updates, or from the website manually. How does that work for you?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            I will check this weekend and let you know.

            But Lutz made me the folders have to be in the open state....meaning do I have to click on the "Expand Tree" button on the main toolbar and then select the files? I dont remember having to do that in the past.

            Have a great day all


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              No Tom, they don't have to be opened.
              I made a quick test:
              1. Load base folders left/right without scanning.
              2. Set Display Filters "Show Same" and "Always Show Folders"
              3. Select all 10 top level folders on left
              4. "Move To" started:
              BC scans the comparision and the preview shows what to move:
              972 files (same on left and right)
              2284 folders (this are all folders on the left, folders without same files will be copied empty to the target)
              -> To move only folders with same files "Only Compare Files" must be selected.
              5. Activating "Include hidden ..." previews all 17535 files and the same 2284 folders.

              "CopyTo" copies the same files and the folder structure to the target as expected.
              "MoveTo" moves only 2 of the same files and copies 47 folders. Why?
              "Only Compare Files"/"MoveTo" previews 972 files, but only moves 491 files.

              Greetings Lutz
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