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Asking that "Exclude files that are older than X" NOT display empty folders?

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  • Asking that "Exclude files that are older than X" NOT display empty folders?

    I am attempting to harvest some files that I created today from a computer. This is a shared machine, so in this "Setups" folder are many other folders created by the various users. Under the "Filters" capability, on the "Other Filters" tab, I found the "Exclude files that are older than X" where X represents a date and time entry. This capability goes a long way towards helping me identify only my files as I've been the only user on this machine today.

    However, I find there are many (i.e,. dozens) of folders on this shared computer that still appear in the folder view, even though attempting to "open" the folder does nothing, which to me means there are no files of interest in that folder. I would expect that if the folder has all its files excluded, the folder would be excluded also. I suspect to satisfy those that want to see empty folder, this capability should be an additional qualifier to the "Exclude files that . . " feature.

    Alternatively, perhaps there is something that I am missing or overlooking that would not display the "empty" folders, such as something under the View menu like "Show no orphans"? I was originally using "Show Differences"?

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    You're looking for View/Only Compare Files, I think.

    Greetings Lutz


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      I agree with Lutz. If you go to the View menu in the Folder Compare, and select Only Compare Files, then any folders with all of the contents filtered (or naturally empty folders with no files) will be hidden from view. Depending on your scanning settings, you may need to issue an Expand All to scan all the folders (or change the settings in the Session Settings dialog to scan all subfolders and orphan folders).
      Aaron P Scooter Software