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Do not have "Select Left side for Comparison" in Windows 7 gone?

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  • Do not have "Select Left side for Comparison" in Windows 7 gone?

    Are the Shell extensions for "Select Left side for comparison" "Compare to xxxx", and "Compare" context menus no longer available in Windows 7 and/or BC 3.x? when you right-click on folders in explorer?
    This was an extremely handy feature I used frequently with Windows XP, but I noticed after I got a new laptop with Windows 7 and installed the new BeyondCompare 3.x, they don't seem to be there any more. I tried clicking/reclicking/applying the options in Tools > Options > Startup > "Include Beyond Compare in Explorer Context menu" but it doesn't seem to have any effect. THe only way I can do a folder comparison is manually starting Beyond compare and entering in 2 paths, which is a lot more cumbersome/time consuming. I have coworkers who complain of the same thing.
    I am running BeyondCompare 3.2.3 Build 13046 on Windows 7.

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    Craig just posted a patch to this other forum thread about this issue:

    If you would like to troubleshoot this further, please let us know:
    -Are you running any security software? If so, what and which version?
    -Did you attempt to install BC3.2.3 as the first version of BC3 on your machine?
    -Are you at a company that may have extra security on your account and prevent you from modifying the registry?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The patch in that thread is 64-bit Windows specific. If you're running 32-bit Windows you (or I) would need to tweak some things.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        The registry file worked.

        (I am running 64-bit windows 7), and do have Administrator level permissons.
        Importing the registry file did work.
        Before adding it, I did a comparison of the reg file and my registry, and the registry entries in the patch file were missing.

        For more info-- I first loaded BC 3.0.4 using my company's software delivery mechanisms and then used the "a new version is available" feature in Beyond Compare to update to the latest revision.

        My company's software delivery mechanism executes the MSI package using a script in an elevated context (so non-administrative users can install company approved software), but it doesn't look like any other re-packaging is being done.


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          That would explain it. The MSI obviously isn't registering the DLL, and the auto-update mechanism skips things that would have been done as part of the initial install.
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            Thanks for the prompt response/support!-- I let my coworkers know of this and it seems to be working for them as well.
            Great product, great support!