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  • Folder Sync Hangs

    I am using version 3.3.4 and when i do a folder sync it starts and then just hangs. the green progress bar at the bottom just sets there and the "Time Remaining" keeps going up. i can't even seem to kill the process in windows Task manager to kill the program. I am runnning windows 7 32bit.

    Any ideas what could cause the problem? i actually was running 3.1 earlier today and had this problem so i upgraded to the latest version but it didn't fix the problem.

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    How long do you let BC3 sit and count up the time remaining? The first step requires scanning all of your files; if an antivirus program or another factor is slowing this step down it might just take awhile. How many files are you trying to sync? If you sync a small test folder, how does this work?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I reported something similar last year and a few others confirmed that I was not alone.

      Regards, AB


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        Thanks for the link. That case may be related, but I would like to stress that trying some of the above recommended tests would be important. We have had many other cases where waiting an extended period of time helped reveal additional clues.

        BC3 should not take an extreme amount of time under normal conditions, but it is important to rule out the difference between a complete hang and an operation that eventually completes if given sufficient time (or an exaggerated length if something is going wrong, ala anti-virus interference or other factor).
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          I tested doing a left to right sync of a folder with two small scripts in it and it worked fine. i did another folder that had a single small EXE and that worked fine too. i then tried doing a folder that had a 1.5gb zip file and it hung. this time the progress bar was stuck at 0 bytes/1.5gb....


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            So a single 1.5gb zip can trigger the hang for you? That's a good test case.

            What types of folders/locations are you syncing to and from? It you try the test case with two test folders on your Desktop, does the same issue occur?

            If you set the Folder Sync/Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Handling, and treat archives as Files Always, does this help? If not, what if you temporarily remove *.zip from the archive associations in the Tools menu -> Options, Folder Views section, select Zip and remove *.zip; from the file masks section. Then restart BC3 to apply this change.
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              I have recently upgraded our BC to the latest version, and our antivirus as well (McAfee).

              We are running scripted unattended folder syncs over night.
              It started sometime after the upgrades. When I come in the morning, I notice the antivirus popped up a window to report a detection AND the BC process is stuck in the background. I close the antivirus window, and the BC script moves on and finishes up successfully.

              This was not the case before. Even if the antivirus detected something (and blocked access), BC would always skip/report the file and continue. This should be the case regardless of the antivirus version or type.

              I wouldn't want to downgrade and start troubleshooting, maybe there's an easier answer? What has changed?



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                The first step would be to downgrade BC3 to determine if it is a update to BC3 or an update to the antivirus that caused the change in behavior. You can install a separate, portable install of the older version of BC3 to your Desktop, which would not interfere or interact with your primary install (the primary install can be used for all other normal usage).

                If you need access to a specific, older version of BC3 to test with, please email us at [email protected] describing your request and include a link to this forum thread. We do not normally host older versions of the application, but we can send one to you. Do you remember the last version of BC3 that was working for you?
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  I changed the antivirus, looks ok now... thanks