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    Originally posted by Aaron View Post
    Our Open With only supports the command as F1 left and F2 right (assuming selection on both sides). I'll add your notes to detect which side was selected to our Customer Wishlist.
    Originally posted by Craig View Post
    Open With doesn't have a way to pass a filename/path for a non-existent file. If the space across from a selected file is blank the %f2 paths will always be empty.
    Please enhance Open With on an Orphan file to populate %p1 with the path of the orphan and %p2 with the path of the other side.

    P.S. I've stated this request as simply as possible. I truly believe the level of effort to be insignificant compared to the benefits of doing so. This is the only enhancement needed to enable users to implement an unbuffered file copy solution via the Open With feature. I work with terabytes of data and, without this feature, BC3 is useless as a folder sync tool. Please put this on the short list, not just on the wish list.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    BC v4.0.7 build 19761