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Spurious "hidden" attributes

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  • Spurious "hidden" attributes

    See attached screenshot :

    BC3 is showing various folders as "hidden" even though they are not. Windows explorer doesn't believe these folders are hidden.

    This is an RDP virtual network share being exposed via the rdesktop program running on a Linux workstation. The folders are not hidden on the Linux file system (because their names are not prefixed with a period).

    If you use the "parent folder" button, some of the hidden attributes disappear, but recur when the folder is opened ; the "web_root_c" and "change_packages" folders have been expanded, the others have not (see "partially-hidden.png")

    The downside to this is that when you mirror the files, the folders and all their contents on the Windows side gain the hidden attribute. In this case, that means that IIS refuses to see them.

    I'm reasonably certain that this must be a fairly recent issue as I've used BC3 like this before without noticing a problem.

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    When you check in Windows Explorer, are you right clicking an individual file and checking the Properties dialog? Also, from the command line, please try dir /a:h (for example to find Hidden).
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