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How to make BeyondCompare work with SharePoint or OneDrive

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  • How to make BeyondCompare work with SharePoint or OneDrive

    We try to connect with the HTTPS link but get a 403:Forbidden

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    First, make sure you're using Beyond Compare 4.3.7 Pro (current version).

    To connect to Microsoft OneDrive, follow the instructions from our website:

    For SharePoint, Beyond Compare supports on-premise versions of OneDrive, but it cannot connect to OneDrive Online (Microsoft 365). To connect to an on-premise SharePoint server, load the server using WebDAV:

    Chris K Scooter Software


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      We love beyond compare and I use it everyday. I have a client that is looking for a cloud base SharePoint sync solution. Is there any hope to have this option to be added?


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        It depends exactly on what kind of Sharepoint solution they are using, but it likely can expose itself as either OneDrive or WebDAV (both of which BC4 supports as Profiles). Our trial is fully featured for any testing needed before purchase (they would need Pro) and both KB articles linked above help describe how to connect. I'd try the OneDrive profile first, as that's a bit easier to test if that is how that customer's Sharepoint may already be configured to accept.
        Aaron P Scooter Software