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Moving out zipped files with their folder structure

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  • Moving out zipped files with their folder structure

    Hi there, I am a newbie and am enjoying this software! I have many zipped files called, for example, Base1. In each of these, are three folders that have results. Each of these three folders is the same folder structure for each Base folder, which ranges from Base1 to Base101. I'd like to compare these and move out some of the files, unfortunately I can't figure out how to do this with the file structure in tact, so that it doesn't try to replace/rename everything in the folder it's moving to. A lot of these results only have original file names in the Base1 folder.

    I hope this makes sense. Basically, how to move out files with their structure. Thanks!

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    Let me also add, as I did not, that I can see a way to do this where it comes out as another zipped file? But I'd like that not to happen, just with the folder structure w/o the zip.


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      I'd suggest starting with the Copy to side command or Copy To Folder commands. These can accept .zip targets. For example, expand or load your on the left side, select a handful of files, and then Copy to Right where the right base folder is C:\temp\ (which will prompt to then create the .zip). You can also right click and Copy to Folder, and type in a target of c:\temp\ In the Copy to Folder, if items within subfolders are selected (subfolders from the loaded Base Folder, not the root drive letter), then the radial will let you pick between:
      Keep relative folder structure
      Keep base folder structure
      Don't Keep folder structure

      The key is that BC4 starts at the loaded Base Folder level, not the root drive letter, for preserving the folder structure. These would be the selectable, clickable items in the view.

      BC4's Folder Compare does not have an UNDO command, so please test with test folders first to learn how the behavior and our interface work, before performing any actions that would be hard to undo (Move, overwrite, delete, rename, etc).
      Aaron P Scooter Software