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Cirrus Issue with nonStd Characters

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  • Cirrus Issue with nonStd Characters

    [reposted from Wordpress discussion page:]
    Cirrus is not able to open folders whose names include nonstandard characters including:

    These folders originated on an FTP server. They were opened successfully on the FTP server, copied to the PC, and opened on the PC by an earlier version of BC, I think on August 7. (I think it was an earlier version of Cirrus but it might have been BC2.) These folders can still be opened by Total Commander (on the PC; I have not tried on FTP.)

    In any case, the current version of Cirrus gives the following log message when attempting to open such a folder:
    Unable to load [folder name]: No such file

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    [reposted from Scooter's email reply to my report]

    Copying and Pasting the Text seems to work fine for folder names in Cirrus. At what point is the log message presented:
    Example- if the folder is c:\temp\顳’
    --When you open c:\temp?
    --When you double click 顳’ while c:\temp is the base folder?
    --When you set c:\temp\顳’ as the base folder

    Can you zip this folder and send it this way? Does the problem occur if you create a folder with the text from your forum post? Could you also retest with the folder in the zip you create, to make sure it is still reproducing for you (works in Explorer/ftp, not in Cirrus)?

    Also, on an un-related note: I recently setup the new vBulletin test forums for Beta discussion. Part of this test is the adoption rate of vBulletin. Were there any hurdles in setting up a vBulletin account that stopped you from posting this issue in those forums? We will eventually switch over to vBulletin from the current WordPress, but we want to work out any kinks that impede our beta testers from using it, which is why I ask.

    -Aaron Polans, Scooter Software


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      Upon further investigation, I think that the problem is only with FTP, not with Cirrus generally, so I'll post what I now know in that section (here.)

      No, no problems with this new forum; I didn't use it for my initial report because I had not yet noticed that it exists.

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