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Exporting Binary Comparison results

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  • Exporting Binary Comparison results

    I like how the Binary Comparison results are organized, in different groups for same files, differences, orphans.
    I would like to export this view to a text or HTML file.

    I am currently doing the following test, for trying to do such an export:

    1) Load two main similar folders, right and left.
    2) Select just 3 subfolders, of all the main folder contents (where I know that there are differences and orphans too).
    3) Do a Binary Comparison with "show results" turned on.
    4) After the comparison is finished, the results are 472 same, 6 differences, 3 left orphans.
    5) I then go to "Session > Folder Compare Report".
    6) In the Folder Compare Report window, I select "Summary", "Report options: All", "HTML report", then select "View in browser".
    7) The resulting HTML file shown in the browser displays just 2 same files, which are located in the root of the two main folders (and have not been processed by Binary Compare). No other files are displayed.

    What shall I do, in order that all (and just) the results from the Binary Comparison are displayed/saved?

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    Sorry for the confusion. The extra step you are missing is the Edit menu -> Expand All.

    This gives the ability to generate results based on specific, visible items, but does require an Expand All action before generating the report. This command is also a button on the toolbar (near the center, next to Collapse All).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, it works.
      I also figured out how to include just specific folders in the report, by selecting them and clicking on the "Open Subfolders" action, instead of using "Expand All" (which includes all files from all folders).
      The problem with this is that also all files located in the root of the main (left and right) folders get included in the report. Is there a way to avoid this?
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        Yes. You can use the filter:
        instead of the default "*.*" in the Filters toolbar box.
        Aaron P Scooter Software