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Detect folder rename with snapshot (MS Windows)

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  • Detect folder rename with snapshot (MS Windows)

    It doesn't apparently seem that this will even be possible, but I'm truly hoping that I'm overlooking something.

    I can generally tell if a file has been renamed by comparing CRC values of left and right file.

    But how to determine if a folder has been renamed? I wish there's some internally-maintained folder ID, or something. Whatever I think of won't be stable:

    1. Setup a service over directories of interest, and watch for changes.

    When folder is created, add some read-only, hidden file with some UID in it. As folder is renamed, this file stays intact. If folder is created by copying another, generate a new file. Then, automated process comparing snapshot and live folder can compare these files across different left and right folders and make some conclusions that way. This is unreliable because there may be opportunities for folders with same UID-file or folders without them altogether (e.g. watcher-service is not running, or similar). These folders are created by human hand, and I don't want to impose a rule of generating and creating this UID file also. Another downside is that that file would be clutter, and I'm not in love with this idea.

    2. Compare files in folders with different names and that way determine if folder has been renamed.

    Although that would be a little overkill, it would be doable with an assumption that none of the files would also change (e.g. deletions and new; CRC values could be used to catch renames), not to mention what to do if content of multiple folders is combined to create one (or multiple!) other folders. So, this is a lot messier than option 1, plus there would be dead-end situations.

    * * *

    Please tell me that there is some folder identifier that BC is able to capture. Thank you.
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    Unfortunately, there is no folder identifier captured with Beyond Compare 3. On load, we load the folder structure and file list, side by side, then compare the aligned items. If all the items are the same within two folders, but the folders have different names, you can use the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure. This will remove the structure from view, and align all files just on file name (assuming all file names are unique). You could then manually compare the Path of aligned files to see where they might have moved to.
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      Thank you