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  • Linux to Windows mirroring

    I use Beyond Compare 3 to keep a mirror of my linux server to my Windows PC.
    As you undestand I have problems with case sensitivity, there are files in a folder that are "different" on my Linux server just because they have different case...

    I understand that this not a problem of Beyond Compare or Scooter Software, but I was wondering if you have seen this problem again and have an idea or workaround on how to achieve this...

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    The issue is that your Windows destination is a file system that does not support two different files with the same name but different case. When BC3 or another program would attempt to copy them to the destination, it would copy the first file, then overwrite it as it copies the second.

    You could potentially zip the folder, and copy the zip as a binary file. This would preserve both files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software