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Compare (&Synch) questions of a V3 user

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  • Compare (&Synch) questions of a V3 user

    Hi all,

    I hope my questions are correct here:

    In V3 I miss the possibility to "map" different "main-structures" (with same or almost same sub-structures) of two drives.


    On drive A I would have:

    On drive X I would have:

    I want to synchronize (manually by compare AND automatically by synch)

    A:\A* <--> X:\Z*

    As of Version 3, I need a number of sets to do that. I would love to have it in one set.

    Will V4 handle this challenge?

    Also, I would like to be able to define multiple "root pairs" that include paths, notonly (like in V3) drive letters. So, for example, I would like to have a set similar to:

    A:\abc* <--> X:\rst* (all in the left driv that starts with "\abc" (folders including subfolders and files) shall be replicated to X, but must start with "rst"

    A:\music\* <--> X:\myMusic\* (anything in left "root folder" goes to right "root folder"

    A:\pete\documents\* <--> X:\frank\docs\* (similar to the above but in a deeper structure)

    Again ... can V4 handle that better than V3?

    Thanks for your help!

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    BC3 Pro should be able to handle this, but the exact syntax will depend on your base folders. If you have loaded A:\ vs X:\, then the definition would be:

    which would align those subfolder items in this example. BC4 Pro has the same feature, but it isn't necessary to upgrade to do this kind of comparison.

    Drive letters cannot be included as part of the rule. Base folders must be loaded (and the lowest part of the tree they can be loaded is the drive letter), and any definitions work within the loaded items (so at least one subfolder level).

    The Folder Compare must have a target, and can't have clickable items of A:\Aaa\ or X:\Zaa, but instead would have Aaa\ and Zaa\. So the base folder text isn't included in any of the rules you would try to define.

    If you are already registered for BC3 Std, you can revert to trial mode to test out the Pro feature and upgrade if it works well for your actual data, with this guide:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the quick reply. Haven't understood everything as it seems to be "pro features". I will try out the eval.
      Thanks again!


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        If you are still having any trouble, you can post a full screen screenshot of the current unaligned items, and I can help with the Alignment Overrides that might help. If you'd like to email us privately at [email protected] with the screenshot, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
        Aaron P Scooter Software