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  • Open file location in Windows Explorer

    Is there an easy way to quickly open the file location of a given file in Windows Explorer?

    I may have asked about this previously, because I have persistently, repeatedly WANTED to have this feature, and have thought that it's such an obvious need, there MUST be a way to do it.

    If it can't be done, then this is a very strong "Feature Request".

    This is a feature that I commonly use, for example, in Picasa, where I can right click on a picture and select "Locate on Disk".

    OR In Windows Explorer, after doing a Search, I can right click a file name and select "Open File Location". I'm frequently looking for, and expecting to find this feature in Beyond Compare,
    I particularly want it to move files from one folder to another. Of course, I can do this ("Move to Folder") within Beyond Compare, but it's awkward and difficult, as you can't easily see the directory structure.

    If you click "Open" in the Explorer context menu, rather than opening an Explorer window, it launches the associated app. I would be happy to do this in two steps... (first open the file location, then launch the application), but the first step is what I'm looking for.

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    The goal is to open the parent folder, then select the item, correct? This can be done with a BC3 Open With.

    Go to the Tools menu -> Options, Open With, and create a new Open With called "Open Parent Folder" or "Locate on Disk"
    explorer /select,"%f"
    This can accept Files or Folders. Disable Refresh and Multiple Instances.

    You can then assign this to a hotkey, or it will be in the Right click menu in the Folder Compare -> Open With ->.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Wow, wow, wow... So easy!

      Thanks for the instructions. I have struggled with this question on numerous previous occasions, and wish I had inquired earlier, as it would have saved me a lot of frustration. I keep clicking folders and files I don't even need to look at, just to see it work!

      Despite being so easy to implement, I would encourage you to include this as a standard feature of Beyond Compare.