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Suggestion: "Ignore Folder Structure" -> "Keep Relative Folder Structure"

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  • Suggestion: "Ignore Folder Structure" -> "Keep Relative Folder Structure"

    When the view is set to "Ignore Folder Structure", and I use "Copy to Folder" command, I hope "Keep Relative Folder Structure" is still available.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Enhancing our prompts when Ignore Folder Structure is used is on our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Keep Relative Folder Structure does not work during Ignore Folder Structure copy

      "Keep Relative Folder Structure" is checked (and the other 2 options are disabled). However, it doesn't work for Copy to Folder if you have the "Ignore Folder Structure" view selected. It just copies to the "root" of the target drive.

      In fact, I can't think of any way of doing this without manually writing down several hundred file names and paths and manually copying files.

      You've moved files around on your source drive. You have some orphans in a prior folder structure on the backup drive. "Ignore Folder Structure" works great for finding the orphans. But once you've found them you want to copy them over to your source drive preserving the folder structure from the backup drive.

      Why? Well, take the example of "track01.mp3". If the meta-data isn't present, the only way you know what song/album that is is from the folder structure!


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        P.S. The only work-around I've been able to hypothesize is: Go ahead and let BC copy over all the duplicates (files and folders that were moved on the source drive) -- assuming there's plenty of room on the target drive.

        The moved files will now exist in both the old and new folders on the target drive. Then use a tool like Duplicate Cleaner and manually delete the duplicates from the old folder (one at a time).


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          Thanks for the feedback. When Ignore Folder Structure is enabled, we do not currently support preserving the relative folders, but it is on our wishlist.

          The Ignore Folder Structure is designed to work with unique file names on one side vs. the other side, to help find files that have moved. If you have multiple "track01.mp3" on the left side, our flatten folder view won't support this scenario well.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            More suggestions:
            Hope Align command and "As folders once opened" can work in Flatten mode.


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              Which combination are you currently using? Archives are shown as folders with As Folders once opened mode, and expanding them does show the contents as a folder structure. The Align with command works in this mode.

              If you want to include the archive content in the flatten view, switch to treat archives as Always folders, which auto expands and includes their contents. Otherwise, expanding would cause items to disappear and shift around as items are added.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                In the flat view, when I use Align command via the menu/shortcut, an Alignment Override item does be added. But if the relative paths of the pair are different, I have to open the Settings and empty the "Limit to this folder" in the item to make it work.

                So my suggestion is:
                In the flat view, the "Limit to this folder" should not be used. While in case there are same names, the paths should be added (automatically/manually), like:

                Otherwise, expanding would cause items to disappear and shift around as items are added.
                Yes but maybe I'd rather so if possible.
                If "As folders always" is used, the CHM's are also flattened, which disturbs the view too much. But I don't really want to hide them (by using -*.chm\ ).


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                  Thanks for the feedback; true, I forgot about unchecking that option box in order to apply the right-click Align With. We have a wishlist entry on generally improving this behavior and I'll add your notes to it.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software


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                    I really need this ... wishlist from 2014?
                    Any way to achieve this?
                    I want to move 500,000 files in 'ignore structure' view to another folder maintaining relative paths.


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                      Sorry, this is not a feature request we've been able to tackle for BC4, but is still something on our wishlist.
                      Aaron P Scooter Software