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SFTP Folder compare does not show compare results

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  • SFTP Folder compare does not show compare results

    I connect from windows BC3 to a Linux server with SFTP. I used to be able to do a folder compare on files that were symbolically linked, and the results would show on the folder compare window after it opened. Now I have to double click the file to manually compare and then when I close the file compare window the compare results are shown, for that file. I am using "Follow Symbolic Links" but have not been able to figure out if there is a combination of FTP handling options that need to be set.

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    If the double click is the only manual step you need to do, and it is going to the correct contents, following the Symbolic Links option is working.

    By default, the Folder Compare runs a Timestamp/Size comparison, but you can also enable a Rules-based scan (Session Settings, Comparison tab, leave Timestamp,Size,Override enabled, also enable Rules-based). This would run the Rules-based scan on all files (similar to double clicking each).

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      I should have mentioned that I have Compare File Size, Compare Timestamps, Compare Contents - Rules Based Comparison, and Override Quick Test Results all checked.


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        Could you attach or email us a screenshot at [email protected] ?

        If you have Rules-based enabled, the center column between files (not folders) would show the Rules-based scan results. With Override enabled, the Rules-results will override the Timestamp/Size comparison (but the Timestamp/Size is still used for Sync logic, etc). The folder colors then update with the results of the files within them.
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